'The Cable Network'(www.cableabc.com), the most popular media of wire & cable industry in China, held the Global Wire & Cable Summit 2015 from May 8 to 10 in Wuxi City, Yixing, and the Summit closed in safety. The most attention in this summit was the lecture of Sun Lu, General Manager of Far East Trading Treasure Network Technology Co., Ltd. that run 'the Trading Treasure', the largest web site of wire & cable B2B trading in China and manage The Cable Network. He lectured on 'Internet Plus' and the introduction of new Internet conception.
One Belt And One Road(OBAOR) idea tried to find a developing new business way to the emerging countries under New Normal which is in slow growth economy. Furthermore, China develops the expansion strategy to Internet space by 'Internet Plus'. These ideas become more clear and consistent both as a National strategy and as a corporate strategy since this year. The Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a statement about “Internet Plus” in National People’s Congress this spring. The idea that manage every information of individual or business by cloud network as a big data by spreading the Internet all over the world included in the places far from the Internet. This idea is linkage with Chinese people and Chinese companies that has deployed the Internet around the emerging countries already. Sun Lu is exactly get a start on “Internet plus” by managing the ‘Trading Treasure’.
He said that “Internet Plus” and new idea of Internet make wire & cable industry more develop. And, he continued “if we make positive effort to accumulate many experiences and data, we will get core competence in the future against other competitors and it is good to promote fusion deeply between the business and the information that we decide on an action plan of “Internet Plus”, then that is next breakthrough in wire & cable industry. “Internet Plus” wasn’t recognized when the Prime Minister Li Keqiang presented the action plan but Trading Treasure leaded to the idea three years before”.
Also, He said that “Internet Plus” idea is like six Excaliburs. “These peculiarity are concentration, simple, perfection, fastness, free of charge and the first. The first mover screens some who dropped behind. In this era, Neither company don’t an Internet business, nor company don’t shift from same country or same industry. As a result of a fusion between cable industry and the Internet, the number of Trading Treasure’s page views is 100 thousand or more every day, specially Trading Treasure is most influence online media in home appliances industry. Furthermore, Trading Treasure got more than 500 excellent suppliers and 5 thousand excellent users by strategic cooperation with the Six National Commissions and its operating revenue is nearly 1.5 billion Chinese yuan. It’s continuing growth rapidly 3 years in a row. Furthermore, Trading Treasure in the future not only become a new core of various manufactured buying and selling but also make an offer One Stop Solution Service included in stocking, vending, payment, distribution, quality inspection and financing for a customer under new idea by the name of ‘Trading Treasure Plus’”.
We don’t use Google, Yahoo and Facebook in China. The national policy SaaS as Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba don’t almost compete with other competitors like Japan or other countries do, accumulate big data base and plan to expand other industry like finance or medical. It is clear that we are rushing in the era that being questioned about how we compete and how cooperate with Chinese companies which maintained such a weapon as competitive power based super big data inside and outside of China.